Does getting organized feel overwhelming to you?  I can help you focus.Professional Organizer San Jose - Glenda Evans, CPO®

Is there not enough time?  Let’s create systems to make the most of your time.

Are you drowning in clutter? I’ll help you make decisions to keep the best and let go of the rest.

Let’s make some changes!

I’ll share my skills, experience and positive energy as we find solutions.

We’ll create order and organized harmony in your home together.

I want you to feel that joy

…and I’m here to help.




Glenda was so easy to work with! She came ready to jump right in. I was impressed at how well she considered what solutions would best suit me and my family before we made any changes. In just a few hours, we organized my pantry (for a family of five), cleaned out two closets and made a plan for what I could do on my own. It was great to have a fresh perspective to help solve some of our problem areas. Thanks to Glenda, I am enjoying a little less chaos in my home!
Tarin C., San Jose, CA

I was stuck in my attempts to get organized and Glenda came in to kick-start the project. She sorted and organized several years of accumulated clutter, finding places to store things I wanted to keep and helping me identify the items to throw away or donate. She established a solid foundation for me to continue closet purging on my own so I could get rid of clothing I no longer wear. The clutter clean-up, closet purging and organizing not only opened up space around my home but also eliminated the dread that had become routine when I contemplated doing the organizing on my own. The end result is more simplicity and contentment in my home.
MBM, Los Altos, CA

Working with Glenda to get my garage storage organized was really energizing. She worked quickly and efficiently and was constantly watching and looking how to better make use of all of the space available. She moved very quickly; I did not even see her sit down for the almost 8 hours she spent with me. Afterward I had some questions about various aspects of the job and some things I wanted to pass along to someone else. She was always very quick to respond to my e-mails. And besides, she is a delightful person, not pushy to have you get rid of stuff you’re not sure about.
Punita A., San Jose, CA

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